4 Questions to Ask Before Agreeing to a Car Removal Service

Posted on March 25, 2020

By now you will have heard how leading Cash for Cars services like Car Removal Adelaide can provide benefits for those wanting to sell their car quick as a flash and for top dollar. If you live in Adelaide, we have your covered, guaranteeing an authentic and reliable Car Removal service that pays Top Cash for Cars in any condition.

But for those living outside of Adelaide, here are 4 Questions that You Should Ask Before Agreeing to a Car Removal Service.

Car Removals

Are There Any Hidden Costs to Your Car Removal Service?

A Car Removal service should be completely free, which is exactly what we offer to locals at Car Removal Adelaide. If you’re not careful, you mind find yourself dealing with a dodgy business which can lead to surprise costs and other headaches.

Are You a Licensed Car Removal Service?

Not all Auto Wreckers are fully licensed and certified like Car Removal Adelaide is. It’s recommended that you ask for any licensing before selling your car to them. This will ensure that you avoid any future headaches if the seller and your vehicle’s transfer isn’t legitimate.

Do You Pay Cash for Cars in Any Condition?

All good Cash for Cars companies like Car Removal Adelaide will gladly purchase your vehicle, even if is no longer working, old or damaged after an accident. The last thing you want is a business who turns up and then tells you that your vehicle is unsellable. There’s no such thing as a vehicle that is ‘unsellable’ for us at Car Removal Adelaide.

Do You Provide Vehicle Removals for Vehicles Other than Cars?

Believe it or not, there are some Car Removal companies who can only handle small vehicles. If you own a larger vehicle like an SUV, a Four-Wheel Drive or even a truck, some Car Removal businesses don’t have tow trucks that are equipped to handle it. At Car Removal Adelaide, we use the industry’s finest tow trucks which can handle vehicles of all shapes and sizes, as well as conditions.

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