Adelaide’s Scrap Metal : Everything You Need To Know

Posted on January 5, 2024

Stay aware of the latest Scrap Metal Prices if you wish to sell scrap metal in Adelaide. Getting the best price for your commodities—whether you have scrap lead, steel, copper, aluminum, or any other metal—requires having a thorough understanding of current market pricing. This blog’s examination of Adelaide’s Scrap Metal prices will include information on the best places to sell your junk and the variables influencing the current pricing.

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Understanding Scrap Metal Prices in Adelaide

Before digging into specific expenses, it’s important to understand how scrap metal costs. Adelaide’s Scrap Metal copper prices are often outstanding compared to the rest of Australia. Numerous places will accept this metal, provided you can prove that it was not obtained maliciously. The usual method for selling scrap copper is either by kilogram or tonne, depending on the quantity available. Before completing a transaction, you need to weigh and grade your metal. 

The value of scrap metal varies depending on several factors, including:

  • The price at which primary metals, including copper and aluminium, are now traded.
  • Worldwide supply and demand of scrap metal
  • The quantity and quality of the scrap metal sold and the locations of the buyer and vendor.

Scrap Copper Prices Adelaide

In Adelaide, scrap copper prices are often outstanding compared to the rest of Australia. Many different establishments will take this metal as long as you can provide evidence that it was not obtained with malicious intent. Scrap copper is usually sold by the kilogram or the tonne, depending on availability. Before completing a transaction, you must weigh and grade your metal. Adelaide’s Scrap Metal will pay a substantial amount for your scrap copper, regardless of what you have.

As of May 2023, scrap copper in Adelaide costs AUD 7.50 per kilogram.

Copper Price per KG 

Selling copper scrap in Adelaide requires knowing the current copper price per kilogram. As mentioned earlier, the cost per kilogram is AUD 7.50.

Scrap Aluminium Prices 

Aluminum is another popular metal for trash because of its durability and lightweight. Adelaide’s Scrap Metals going pricing for aluminium scrap is AUD 2.00 per kilogram as of May 2023.

Scrap Steel Prices 

Because steel is so widely used in many different products and industries, it is a metal recycled quite a bit. As of May 2023, a kilogram of scrap steel in Adelaide costs AUD 0.20.

Scrap Battery Prices

Batteries are available in various metals and alloys, influencing their scrap value. Adelaide’s going pricing for used batteries is AUD 0.30 per kilogram as of May 2023.

Car Battery Scrap Price 

Car batteries, in particular, might command higher prices because of their higher lead content than other battery types. The going cost per kilogram for used car batteries in Adelaide is AUD 0.50.

Stainless Steel Scrap Price 

Stainless steel, a metal that resists corrosion, is widely utilized in medical supplies, cutlery, and culinary equipment. Adelaide’s going pricing for scrap stainless steel is AUD 1.50 per kilogram as of May 2023.

Scrap Brass Prices 

Brass, a copper and zinc alloy, has unique properties, making it a sought-after scrap metal. Adelaide’s going price per kilogram for scrap brass as of May 2023 is AUD 4.00.

Scrap Lead Prices 

The heavy, soft metal lead is widely found in building supplies and batteries. Adelaide’s going pricing per kilogram for scrap lead as of May 2023 is AUD 1.20.

Lead Price per KG 

If you want to sell lead scrap, the current lead price per kilogram in Adelaide is AUD 1.20.

Scrap Iron Prices Adelaide

Iron and other metals are widely used in construction, manufacturing, and transportation. Adelaide’s going pricing for scrap iron as of May 2023 is AUD 0.10 per kilogram.

Scrap Brass Price Adelaide

Brass scrap can have a variety of values depending on its quality and composition. Adelaide’s going price per kilogram for scrap brass as of May 2023 is AUD 4.00.

Factors That Affect Scrap Metal Prices in Adelaide

We discussed the importance of understanding Adelaide’s current scrap metal prices in the preceding sections, as well as the variety of scrap metal types that are commonly purchased and sold. But how are these expenses determined? The factors that affect scrap metal prices in Adelaide will be the main topic of this section.

  • Supply and Demand

As with any other item or service, the law of supply and demand greatly impacts scrap metal prices. A certain scrap metal’s cost will drop when supply outpaces demand. Conversely, the cost will increase if there is a high demand for a certain scrap metal and a limited supply.

  • Global Market Conditions

The global market status also influences the price of scrap metal in Adelaide. Prices will increase when there is a significant demand for metals in developing countries like China and India. Similarly, when there is a high demand for metals, prices will rise in developed nations like the US and Japan.

  • Currency Exchange Rates

The rate at which the Australian dollar exchanges for other currencies affects the cost of scrap metal in Adelaide. Scrap metal prices are often lower when the Australian dollar is strong because it costs more for buyers from other countries to purchase scrap metal from Australia. On the other hand, when the value of the Australian dollar declines, scrap metal prices usually rise.

  • Transportation Costs

The cost of transportation mostly determines the price of scrap metal in Adelaide. The expense of transporting scrap metal from one location to another can significantly impact its price. The distance travelled, the mode of transportation, and the gasoline price are some variables that affect transportation expenses.

  • Quality of the Scrap Metal

The price is also affected by the quality of the scrap metal. Scrap metal, considered of higher quality and devoid of impurities such as paint, rust and others, is valued at a higher rate.

  • Market Volatility

Finally, but just as importantly, market volatility affects the price of scrap metal in Adelaide. Factors that could cause market volatility include stock market swings, natural disasters, and geopolitical conflicts. Prices for scrap metal can fluctuate greatly and suddenly during extreme volatility.


Knowing Adelaide’s current scrap metal rates is crucial for anyone looking to recycle their metal waste and scrap car and earn some cash. You can optimize your earnings and create a more sustainable future by monitoring the market and being aware of the many variables that might affect prices.

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