We Wreck Cars And Sell Quality Auto Parts In Adelaide

How does free wrecking & cash payment for your car sound? Even better, how about a free removal to top it off? At Car Removal Adelaide, we provide our customers with free car removals, wrecking, and cash payments. We are a local car removal & wrecking that offers:

  • Instant Cash Quotes & Payments – Can you think of an easier way to get a quote for your car than contacting us over the phone or online? We make instant cash quotes over the phone and online and come to you to put that payment for your car into your hands.
  • Free Removals Adelaide – We are a car wrecker who provides complimentary free wrecked car removals in Adelaide at times that fit our customers’ schedules.
  • Best Car Wreckers Adelaide – We are Adelaide Auto Wreckers who have the know-how and tools combined with the best and latest equipment to wreck and recondition parts and components of your car. Whatever we cannot recondition for resale, we will recycle when possible to maximise the value of your car, truck, SUV, 4×4, bus or van.

We Are A Car Wrecker & Removal Company in One

With Car Removal Adelaide you have a top-notch removal & wrecking company that pays up to $9,999 cash for cars Adelaide. We are among the best professional wreckers in Adelaide, capable of getting top cash value from cars, trucks, 4x4s, SUVs, vans, and buses of every make and condition.

When we do the wrecking, be assured that you will receive a cash payment up to $9,999 cash for wrecked cars Adelaide.

Car Wreckers Adelaide

How Does It Work?

You may have advertised your car for sale and found no buyers. Perhaps you’ve removed a few parts to sell and are now trying to get rid of the car. Regardless, to get your car sold to Car Removal Adelaide, all that is necessary is to give us a call.

We buy cars over the phone and online. Give us a call or fill out our Get a Quote at the top right of this page.

Once we provide a quote, it is up to the car owner to accept or reject our cash quote. Car owners that accept our cash quote can then schedule a free unwanted car removal in Adelaide. Our removals are scheduled at times that are convenient for the car owners and are always provided as a complimentary service.

When wrecked cars are sold to us, we also provide complimentary wrecking, which includes pulling parts from under the hood that can be reconditioned and recycling the remainder of the auto.

When We Are Your Buyer, You Get A Car Sale That Is This Easy:

  1. Contact us at 0477 413 136 with the make, model, year, and condition of your car or fill out our Get a Quote form at the top right of this page.
  2. Accept or reject our offer.
  3. Schedule a free car removal.

Ready to sell your car? Then, give Car Removal Adelaide a call or fill out our Get a Quote form at the top right of this page.

Adelaide Auto Wreckers That Work for You

If you’re looking for a great place to find car wreckers near me or car-wrecking Towns in Adelaide, then you’ve come to the right place. Free wreckers increase the cash value of cars. And, when those free wreckers are the best in the wrecking business, cash just seems to add up! At Car Removal Adelaide, we are always looking for ways to get the most cash for our customers.

You may only have a few good parts under the hood, but we will make use of nearly the entire car or truck. What that means for car & truck owners, is that they have a wrecker with the expertise to pull and resell or recycle parts from any car or truck. Car Removal Adelaide offers top cash for wrecked cars and trucks.

We Wrecked Cars of All Makes, Models & Conditions

You could bring a hundred cars to us, and we will make you a cash offer right now. We are Local Auto Wreckers Adelaide interested in buying cars of all different makes and models.

So, whether your car has a dead engine, or has been badly damaged in an accident, you can still sell it to us! We guarantee to make you our best cash offer.

With Car Removal Adelaide, we are your wreckers who know how to value your car or truck, offering you top cash, irrespective of its make and condition.

Mazda Wreckers Adelaide

Your old Mazda has been exhausting you with the sudden mechanical failures and frequent need for repairs? Do not worry, it is not only your story.

Mazda wreckers Adelaide not only helps you get rid of your old car but also pay you with top cash that you can use as you wish.

Mazda Wreckers Adelaide has been providing excellent service and the best cash offers to residents across Adelaide.

Private Buyers For Mazda

The fact that your Mazda has been breaking down on and off indicates that it has reached the end of its lifespan. Finding a buyer for a troublemaker Mazda is not an easy task as no one is willing to buy a car living in its last moments.

You may find a buyer, but they will give you lowball offers as most of the old and scrap car buyers play a third-party role by buying an old car privately and selling it to a wrecking yard. This way, they make a good profit through the huge margin between buying and selling costs.

Why Mazda Wreckers Adelaide?

Selling your old car to Mazda Wreckers Adelaide is an ideal choice as;

  • We do not tolerate lowball offers and offer you a reasonable deal
  • We take care of the entire process
  • We make a visit and evaluate the vehicle only once
  • We offer a Free Mazda removal service
  • We pay you top cash on the spot.

By choosing Mazda Removal Adelaide you spare yourself the hassle that selling your old Mazda privately can bring you.

Subaru wreckers Adelaide

Your Subaru has become non-roadworthy and a space-taking mechanism. It’s your call whether you want to get rid of it so you can have some extra space and extra money or keep it until it becomes complete junk and loses its value.

Whatever you decide, Subaru Wreckers Adelaide is here for you. We do not let our customers go empty-handed when they choose us to get rid of their cars. Whether your car is not roadworthy or goes scrappy over time, we pay top cash for it regardless of its condition.

Free Wreckers For Subaru 

All our services are free from the beginning to the end and will not cost you a single penny. So do not hold yourself from getting rid of your car by keeping the costly towing charges in mind, as you will not have to pay any.

We take care of the whole process without charging you anything or asking you for fees. We pay you; you don’t have to pay for anything.

  • We offer an Obligation-free quote
  • Book our Free car removal service according to your best time, day, and preferred location where your Subaru will be parked.
  • Sign the paperwork; we also spare you the headache of documentation.
  • Receive your Top cash

What’s next?

As you sign the paperwork and receive the offered cash, your part of the deal is completed. You are free to spend your money and use the extra space for any purpose.

As promised, we take your Subaru to the wrecking yard, where we dispose of it and end its existence.

Honda Wreckers Adelaide

Do you have a Honda that you would like to get rid of? Say no more!

Honda Wreckers Adelaide is an excellent choice for disposing of Honda for good.

We safely remove the car from your driveway, garage, or even from your office parking. You only have to tell us the location, and Honda Wreckers Adelaide will be there.

Get Honda Wreckers Adelaide For Your Honda

All set to dispose of your car? Just fill out the form for a Free quote by putting in the details about your Honda, such as;

  • Model
  • Condition
  • Mileage
  • Location

You do that, and our auto appraisers team fairly valuates your car as per the market demand and makes you a reasonable offer.

The process is as easy as it seems. You will be selling your Honda from your home. There is no need to even bring your car to us. With our Free car removal service, our team comes to your preferred location to pick the car up and pay you top cash.

Eco-Friendly Disposal

We understand your concern for the environment, and we assure you that the whole process of disposing of the car is eco-friendly and in accordance with Australian standards.

Before the Honda is wrecked off completely, it goes through a series of stages in which it is dismantled, and we remove any reusable parts or risks exposing toxins into the atmosphere.

The useless and hazardous components are disposed of separately, and reusable parts are recycled, becoming available for sale.

Nissan Wreckers Adelaide

Do not let your scrap Nissan car be the source of frustration and the reason for your house’s depreciated look. You do not have to be stuck with it only because no one’s ready to buy scrap metal.

Dispose it off with Nissan Wreckers Adelaide and feel the satisfaction of offloading the huge burden from yourself.

What Does Nissan Wreckers Adelaide offer me?

Nissan Wreckers Adelaide not only disposes of your car but also provides you with top-notch services that will make you applaud your decision to choose Nissan Wreckers Adelaide.

You do not even have to do a single task. Just call us for a free quote. Once you accept it, we will take care of the rest.

What Happens to my Nissan?

After we complete the whole process and our team pays you with up-front cash, they bring your Nissan to our wrecking yard. Our auto wreckers receive the car and disassemble it carefully.

They remove all of the parts from your car so it can be disposed of easily. Any recyclable parts are separated and delivered to the Nissan auto parts shop, where they are made available for sale if any buyer needs them.

Your scrap Nissan will no longer be a problem to you, nor will it be used by anyone else.

Toyota Wreckers Adelaide

Do you think your scrap Toyota is better off in the garage than selling it for cash? It may be your legacy that you do not want to sell, but if it’s going rusty and scrappy, it may not leave you with any other option than to dispose it off.

If you do not go with the idea of disposing of your scrap Toyota, it may endanger the environment as well as the lives around you.

How Can My Toyota Harm The Environment

Your Toyota car is fine as long as it doesn’t catch rust. Rust is a vehicle cancer that ruins the host car and brings harm to the environment as the vehicle’s metal and rubber begin to release the toxins they contain into the atmosphere and expose the hazardous elements.

Rust also contains bacteria that need only one scratch or cut to infect the body; although it rarely happens but it can turn out to be a huge problem if not treated well.

How Do I Dispose of My Toyota car?

The best way to dispose of your Toyota car is to get a Toyota wreckers Adelaide to do the job. We safely remove your car from your driveway and wreck it off completely after dismantling it and separating the recyclable parts. The whole process is simple and convenient.

You only have to initiate the process by getting a Free quote and end it by signing the paperwork. That’s it, and your Nissan car won’t exist anymore.

Hyundai Wreckers Adelaide

Make the most money out of your scrap Hyundai without bringing any harm to your environment. Get Hyundai Wreckers Adelaide to dispose of your Hyundai car safely, paying you top cash in return.

How does it work?

You only have to get a free quote from our auto appraisers. They will evaluate your Hyundai with the details such as; Your Hyundai model, mileage, and condition. Within a day, you will receive a cash offer with top cash. After accepting the offer, you will be asked for the best time and day to remove your Hyundai from your home. If you want, you can also book a same-day car removal service.

After the safest car removal process, our team will bring your Hyundai to the wrecking yard, where it will be dismantled. All the working parts of your Hyundai will be removed from the vehicle. The remaining components and body of the Hyundai vehicle will be disposed of safely and completely.

What do you do with the Hyundai parts?

The parts that can be recycled and used again are available for customers to buy for their Hyundai vehicles. We only remove the parts that are workable and are in fair condition and set the price accordingly. We do not sell parts that are not worthy enough to be reattached to a car and that are not reliable.

We have a range of Hyundai parts. If you or anyone in your circle need is looking for any part for Hyundai cars, feel free to call us and check the availability of that specific part.

Holden Wreckers Adelaide

Are you worried that your Holden is going to harm the environment with its rusty and scrappy metal? But you cannot get yourself a good deal so you can get rid of it and also make some money?

In that case, we say ‘no worries!’. Holden wreckers Adelaide is at your service.

Every Holden Vehicle Is Welcomed

We accept all models of Holden regardless of their condition, size, and mileage. Even if it is not roadworthy at all, we will be happy to assist you with it. With Holden Wreckers Adelaide, you do not have to worry about your car being in the wrong hands and misused.

At Holden Wreckers Adelaide, we understand the concerns our customers can have, we assure you that we do not sell cars to third parties, and every step is processed in a secure way.

What Do We Do With Your Car?

By choosing Holden Wreckers Adelaide, you put your faith in us, and we promise that we will not let you down. After our team remove your Holden car from your driveway, it is taken to our wrecking yard, where we dismantle it for reusable parts. Our first priority is to recycle as many parts as possible and dispose of the useless scrap.

Hurry up now!

Give us a call or fill out the form with your Holden’s model, year, condition, and mileage so we can go ahead and provide you with the best cash offers you may not expect with excellent Holden wrecking services.

Contact Us

Call 0477 413 136

FAQS Car Wrecker Adelaide

How much can I get from car wreckers Adelaide SA?

By using our services, you can get cash up to $9,999 for your dead, junk, old, unwanted, scrap, accident, broken, non-roadworthy, unregistered or non-roadworthy car. Also, we pay cash on the spot.

Is your wrecking business licensed?

Yes. We are a licensed car removal and car wrecker business in Adelaide. Our car wreckers are trained and specialized in their field. So, choosing us means your car is in safe hands.

Are there any charges for car wrecking?

No. We don’t charge anything for car removal and car wrecking in Adelaide. Our services are free of cost. Moreover, we provide a free quote, free paperwork, and free towing from anywhere in Adelaide.

If I want to avail Auto wreckers Adelaide service, what do you need from me?

If you are ready to wreck your vehicle, get your car ownership documents and photo ID ready for the proof. And that’s all we need.

Do you buy unregistered cars?

Yes. We buy all cars regardless of their status. If you have a vehicle that is unregistered or non-roadworthy, don’t worry. We will still buy it. The only condition is your car shouldn’t be involved in any criminal activity.