Posted on September 15, 2022

Have you been spending too much on your vehicle? But all those repairs, replacements, and touch-ups don’t seem to come into effect? it’s time my friend, for you to consider changing your car now by selling car parts of your old vehicle for cash.

Frequent break downs and repairs are signs that your car’s lifespan has come to an end. You finally have to let it go; otherwise, you will end up paying for all those repairs more than the car’s actual value.


If you like to work in your comfort zone and don’t like to hassle at all, you can choose to get your car recycled in its complete form. There are many cash for car companies in your town that deal with damaged and irreparable cars and provide the best cash for car offers. Moreover, they offer you more services that will be advantageous for you and save you a lot of your time, such as paperwork and car removal service Adelaide. These services are totally free of cost, and they won’t ask for a single penny.


If you wish to take your chances and get more money than you can get, you can consider selling your car part-by-part. It will definitely take a lot of your time, more than you can imagine. Still, it will increase the possibility of earning better money than disposing of your car. You will have to disassemble your vehicle carefully and get all the parts out of it.


Selling your car for parts is not an easy task. Unlike Selling it as is, you will not have a cash for car company that will deal with you, so you will have to do all of the work by yourself. Keep in mind that dissembling a car has a lot of risk factors. If things go south, it may increase the chances of car devaluation; otherwise you are good to go.

First things first, make a checklist of some of the important car parts that have great value in the market. Every vehicle’s components have different market values and will be worth accordingly. It is quite obvious that vehicle parts from a 2015 model will get you more money than a 2005 model as there is a decade of a gap. A newer model may have more advanced parts than an older one. Like the models, parts’ values can differ according to their age. If you got some of your vehicle’s parts replaced recently, they would give you a better deal than the older ones that are still there.


  • Catalytic Converter
  • Tires
  • Rims
  • Exhaust systems
  • Tailgate
  • Motor
  • Fenders
  • Alternators
  • Hood
  • Audio system
  • GPS

These are the common valuable parts. You can do your homework and get more information about the useful parts that your make’s model may have.


Now that you have the list, you can go ahead and disassemble the car carefully. Make sure your hands are steady enough to do the job and do not make the situation the other way around. It is crucial for you to have an understanding of the dismantling of a car and its parts. You may disassemble all your car’s parts together or disassemble one part at a time so that you do not exhaust yourself, sell it, get the money for it and then go for another part. But it is clearly more time-consuming than getting parts out altogether.


You successfully did the job and got the parts out; now, you have to make your audience aware of the fact that you have some parts that they could buy. To do that, you will have to advertise on different platforms where your target market can be found.

Clean them up

Your car may not be clean when you disassemble it into parts, so your car’s parts must not be clean either. First, you will have to cleanse the parts thoroughly to make them look good as new.

Take Pictures

Take clear and appealing pictures of the parts from different angles so that potential buyers can take a good look at the parts that they may be interested in buying.

Choose where to post the ad

There are a variety of platforms that you can choose to advertise your car parts. You can opt for the buying and selling websites, or you can also advertise your car parts on Craiglist and Facebook marketplace.

Specify the Details

Now you must come up with an effective copy to aware your potential buyers of the details of the part. Mention the condition on a scale of 10, the age of the parts, and if they ever required any repair. You should not show your vocabulary skills in the copy, avoid using difficult words and be as clear as possible. Also, be concise, as no one will want to read an ad with too long copy.

Post the ad

Once everything is done, you can go ahead and post on your preferable websites or marketplace. Wait for the response; it may take days or weeks to hear an answer from a potential buyer of a specific car part. Do not lose hope.


Prices may differ according to your car part’s age, but you may get something close to the below costs.

  • Starter

It holds many recyclable metals, including copper. It will get you somewhere around $100 to $200 if you have good tactics.

  • Alternator

A good performance of an alternator seems to be around 100k miles to 150k miles. If that’s true with your alternator, then you can make 50% of its original cost back.

  • Water pump

It could be sold for around $150

  • Exhaust Systems

They have a proportion of steel that can be recycled and can be sold for somewhere around $150

  • Catalytic Converter

You can recycle it for $100.

  • Tires and Rims

The set can be sold for up to $170

  • Glass

Glass may be able to make $20 to $100

  • Door

You can make $100 to $300 from car doors

  • GPS

Your car’s GPS can make up to $100

  • Airbags

Unless deployed, they can be sold for more than $80.

  • Rear View

You may get $50 or more for a rear-view mirror.

With these estimated costs, you can get a general idea of how much you can get if you sell your car parts privately. Do not let anyone trick you into something else.


If you still feel like going for it, good luck with the process. If not, you can always choose scrap car removal Adelaide to get your car disposed of. Only choose what you think is best for you. You have to be careful while dissembling your vehicle