Posted on December 9, 2019

At the end of the day, owning a car is an investment. It’s something that you’ll use almost every day and so it’s important to pick the one that suits your lifestyle, budget and day to day life. But another thing that is worth considering is your car’s resale value.

Car Wreckers & Auto Removal Services In Adelaide Australia

Car’s can depreciate in value greatly, even the second your drive it out of the car yard, but there are also some cars who retain much more value than others. As Adelaide’s leaders for reliable Cash for Cars services, Car Removal Adelaide knows the true value of vehicles and as such has put together a list of some Cars with the Best Resale Value in Australia.

Top 10 Cars with the Best Resale Value

A big factor in a car’s resale value is its brand name and reputation for reliability. High-end vehicles such as Porsche will also naturally retain a lot of its value too. In a study showing brand’s average depreciation in 5 years, the best auto brands for resale value were:

  1. Toyota (42.3% depreciation)
  2. Ram (45.2% depreciation)
  3. Jeep (46.3% depreciation)
  4. Honda (46.6% depreciation)
  5. Porsche (47.2% depreciation)
  6. Subaru (47.5% depreciation)
  7. Chevrolet (48.4% depreciation)
  8. GMC (48.8% depreciation)
  9. Dodge (51.4% depreciation)
  10. Mitsubishi (51.8% depreciation)

Sell Your Car for Top Dollar – Even If It Is Damaged or Old

Although a car can lose a lot of resell value, it holds a different kind of value for reputable Car Wreckers such as Car Removal Adelaide. Instead of looking to simply resell a vehicle, Car Wreckers buy a vehicle for their many valuable auto parts and materials. This means that your vehicle can be damaged, scrap or no longer roadworthy and it will still be worth a Top Cash for Cars payment.

Adelaide Cash for Cars services like Car Removal Adelaide will buy vehicles on the spot with ‘Instant Cash for Cars’ no matter what condition, vehicle type or brand including wrecked cars, unwanted cars, salvage cars, broken cars, accident cars and more.

A car holds many valuable parts including:

  •         Batteries
  •         Catalytic Converters
  •         Alternators
  •         Gearbox
  •         Starter Motors
  •         Engine Parts
  •         Oil Filters
  •         Tailgates
  •         Bumpers
  •         Fenders
  •         Doors
  •         Windows
  •         Seats
  •         Stereo/Speaker System
  •         Air Con
  •         And Many More!

How to Sell Your Car for Guaranteed Instant Cash for Cars – Even If It’s Depreciated A Lot

First, contact Car Removal Adelaide at 0477 413 136 or online for a Quick Quote. Our free, no-obligation quotes are calculated based on details you give us of your car. Next, after accepting our deal you can schedule your appointment with us. Our Licensed Adelaide Car Removal service will arrive at your location at the appointed time and pay you Instant Cash for Cars on the spot, followed by your Free Car Removal within minutes. It’s that easy!

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